Professional Accounting, Certified Professional Bookkeeper & Life Coach in Nepean, Ontario

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    I want to share my experience with Kim Ellis's coaching program. Kim is great at motivating people and giving planned and precise instructions. A program that is geared for success and giving you a positive outlook on life. Kim keeps us focused on the material and she makes it very enjoyable, keeping all participants happy and sharing the material with each other. Thank you Kim for helping me get a better outlook on life.

    Sheila Jarrett
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    I am so happy having Kim as my mentor/coach with my journey in the DreamBuilding Program. She's so great, responsive and has great passion in helping people build their dreams. Kim is so lively too during the session and that makes it more fun!

    Hazel Danis
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    Having a proficient bookkeeper is an essential aspect of any successful business, I just wish I had realized this sooner! I have had Kim and her team getting my books in order and not only is it now done right for my tax purposes but I now have valuable information about how I am spending my dollars and cents. This information is crucial to maximize my profits and controlling my expenses as best as possible. Having someone I can establish a personal relationship with was equally as important to having them do good work and Kim and her team are easy to reach and personable. Thank you Kim!

    Dr. Luc Mahler, DC
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    I have had the pleasure of working with the principal of Ellis Business Solutions, Kim Ellis, for the past three years. I have always found her to be knowledgeable, willing to help and eager to learn. Thank you, Kim, for your help over the years.

    David Case, CPA, CA
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    Kim Ellis came along during a transition of management. My bookkeeper and general manager had just left. Kim came in with an open mind, ready to learn a new accounting product, and a positive attitude.

    It comforted me to know that everything would work out, and even be better in the long run

    Kim has the ability to get things done with efficiency and ease. We greatly appreciate her work and work ethic.

    André Racicot, Owner, Manager, Handyman Personnel, Ottawa